Non-Creditable Foods Mini Resource

The food listed below are non-creditable in the CACFP because they do not meet the requirements as a component in the meal pattern. Non-creditable foods cannot be counted toward meeting requirements for a reimbursable meal. The alphabetical list is not all inclusive. Use of product brand name is not an endorsement but is used for clarity, Refer to the Creditable Foods Guide or the Food Buying Guide for a comprehensive list of creditable and non-creditable food available at:  on Laws, Regulations & Manuals.

Acorns Evaporated milk Neck bones
Baco-bits Fiddle Faddle Nectar
Bacon Five Alive Neufchatel cream cheese
BBQ sauce Fruit drinks, for fruit punch Non-fat dry milk
Beef Jerky Fruit leather, commercial Nut or seed meal/flour
Bugle chips Fruit roll-ups Oxtails
Candy Fruit spreads Pickle relish
Carmel corn Frozen yogurt Pie crust, dessert
Carob Fudgsicles Pie filling
Catsup Funyuns Pig’s feet
Certified raw milk Gatorade Popcorn
Cheese, imitation Gelatin Pop Tart filling
Cheese powder in “blue box” in macaroni & cheese Goat’s milk Pork skins
Cheese Puffs (Cheetos) Half & Half Potato chips
Cheese Products Ham Hocks Potted meats
Chestnuts Hawaiian Punch Pringles
Chili sauce Hi-C Pudding
Chitterlings Home-canned foods Pudding pops
Chocolate bars Hominy Reconstituted Non-fat dry milk
Chocolate covered raisins Honey Sherbet or sorbet
Coconut Hot chocolate, made with Shoestring potatoes
Crab, imitation water Sizzalean
Cracker Jacks Ice cream Soft drinks
Cranberry juice cocktail Iced tea Sour cream
Cream Infant dinners, commercial Soy milk
Cream cheese Jam, jelly, preserves Surimi
Cream soups Jell-O Syrup
Cream sauces Kool-aid Tang
Custard Lemonade Tapioca
Dairy Substitutes Low-iron infant formula Velveeta cheese products
Dairy Whip Marshmallows Vienna Sausage
Drinkable yogurt Milk, imitation Vitamite
Egg nog, made with raw eggs Molasses Water, bottled or tap
Egg substitutes